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Version: v0.15.0

Arch Linux


Hoarder on AUR is not maintained by the hoarder official.

  1. Install hoarder

    paru -S hoarder
  2. (Optional) Install optional dependencies

    # meilisearch: for full text search
    paru -S meilisearch

    # ollama: for automatic tagging
    paru -S ollama

    # hoarder-cli: hoarder cli tool
    paru -S hoarder-cli

    You can use Open-AI instead of ollama. If you use ollama, you need to download the ollama model. Please refer to:

  3. Set up

    Environment variables can be set in /etc/hoarder/hoarder.env according to configuration page. The environment variables that are not specified in /etc/hoarder/hoarder.env need to be added by yourself.

  4. Enable service

    sudo systemctl enable --now

    Then visit http://localhost:3000 and you should be greated with the Sign In page.

Services and Ports include 3 services: hoarder-web.service, hoarder-works.service, hoarder-browser.service.

  • hoarder-web.service: Provide hoarder WebUI service, use 3000 port default.

  • hoarder-works.service: Provide hoarder works service, no port.

  • hoarder-browser.service: Provide browser headless service, use 9222 port default.