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Version: v0.15.0


Manual Setup

First Setup

  • You'll need to prepare the environment variables for the dev env.
  • Easiest would be to set it up once in the root of the repo and then symlink it in each app directory (e.g. /apps/web, /apps/workers) and also /packages/db.
  • Start by copying the template by cp .env.sample .env.
  • The most important env variables to set are:
    • DATA_DIR: Where the database and assets will be stored. This is the only required env variable. You can use an absolute path so that all apps point to the same dir.
    • NEXTAUTH_SECRET: Random string used to sign the JWT tokens. Generate one with openssl rand -base64 36. Logging in will not work if this is missing!
    • REDIS_HOST and REDIS_PORT default to localhost and 6379 change them if redis is running on a different address.
    • MEILI_ADDR: If not set, search will be disabled. You can set it to if you run meilisearch using the command below.
    • OPENAI_API_KEY: If you want to enable auto tag inference in the dev env.
  • run pnpm run db:migrate in the root of the repo to set up the database.



Redis is used as the background job queue. The easiest way to get it running is with docker docker run -p 6379:6379 redis:alpine.


Meilisearch is the provider for the full text search. You can get it running with docker run -p 7700:7700 getmeili/meilisearch:v1.6.

Mount persistent volume if you want to keep index data across restarts. You can trigger a re-index for the entire items collection in the admin panel in the web app.


The worker app will automatically start headless chrome on startup for crawling pages. You don't need to do anything there.

Web App

  • Run pnpm web in the root of the repo.
  • Go to http://localhost:3000.

NOTE: The web app kinda works without any dependencies. However, search won't work unless meilisearch is running. Also, new items added won't get crawled/indexed unless redis is running.


  • Run pnpm workers in the root of the repo.

NOTE: The workers package requires having redis working as it's the queue provider.

iOS Mobile App

  • cd apps/mobile
  • pnpm exec expo prebuild --no-install to build the app.
  • Start the ios simulator.
  • pnpm exec expo run:ios
  • The app will be installed and started in the simulator.

Changing the code will hot reload the app. However, installing new packages requires restarting the expo server.

Browser Extension

  • cd apps/browser-extension
  • pnpm dev
  • This will generate a dist package
  • Go to extension settings in chrome and enable developer mode.
  • Press Load unpacked and point it to the dist directory.
  • The plugin will pop up in the plugin list.

In dev mode, opening and closing the plugin menu should reload the code.

Docker Dev Env

If the manual setup is too much hassle for you. You can use a docker based dev environment by running docker compose -f docker/ up in the root of the repo. This setup wasn't super reliable for me though.